12 October 2008 | STEAMPUNK LABORATORY | Comment

I found this website by a stroke of luck. I was determined to find a steampunk laboratory to model an ideal lab I want to fabricate. Thus, turning to the Aetherweb, I searched for a steampunk Laboratory. I was lucky enough to find this gem.

This is the Steampunk Laboratory, a compendeum of Steampunk Projects across the Aetherweb. Found at http://www.steampunklab.com this is probably one of the most useful websites for a steamtinkerer I have yet to lay my eyes on.

I, for the first time ever, require people who read of this to go and give them, if nothing else, a hit on their website. I think it is the best steampunk project compendeum.

08 October 2008 | MATHEMA WEBCOMIC | Comment

I was introduced by this webcomic by the writer. Not a lot of Macabre reference, but one of the most enjoyably steampunk things I have ever read in my life. The description from the blog (linked to by clicking on the thumbnail to the left) is:

"A mathematician has found a way to reach chaos and copy the skills of the ages - dreaming that everyone should have the gift of magic.
But the discovery of Mathema forces a secret group of sorcerers into the open, desperate to protect their ancient gift of power by whatever means necessary..."

This webcomic is also in a competition found at http://zudacomics.com/node/756. Please go support it, and read it. If nothing else read it, for it is very well written and very beautifully done.

05 October 2008 | MADAME TALBOT'S | Comment

This link was suggested to me by a good friend of mine. The official title is "Madame Talbot's Victorian and Macabre Lowbrow." Essentially it's an ebay for all things vintage and macabre. It has a wealth of old artifacts, all of which are of the "Noir" nature.

It leads the user to many different categories of things, mainly little nick-knacks she has for sale. I was quite impressed with the diversity of the site.

Needless to say I must tell anyone who has any money to spare, and a desire to better appreciate the Victoriana and the Macabre, to visit this site.

02 October 2008 | SITE RETURN | Comment

After a long period of time, I am back online. I have been dealing with various problems in my life, as well as moving to a University, thus, I had to take a short break. But I am now back.

In addition, I have found this wonderful website: The Miskatonic Archive. It is full of all sorts of steampunk and Lovecraftian macabre artwork.

It truly is a must see for any self-professed fan of Steampunk and the Macabre.