Welcome in the Library. Here you will find all sorts of collected works, both public domain and original. The original range from fiction, to articles, to essays and governmental treatise for imaginary nations. In addition, any audio works I have accumulated, or created, can be found in The Theater

The Articles and essays are usually on History, sometimes the sciences, and rarely will I even set out an essay on current world affairs. Currently the only articles and essays I have available are:

Expectations of a young man. An Essay comparing and contrasting the expectations of a young man through the years, specifically the last century. *Published in The Gatehouse Gazette Issue 1*

Epigraphy An Essay I wrote to detail the works of Epigraphers. To learn what Epigraphy is, please read the essay.

As for Fiction works, I write in a macabre style. If you find things to be easily unsettling, my best advice would be to not read anything I write. My current selection of original fiction can be found here:

The Ximren Chronicles: Introduction In which a professor finds his Transdimensional Aetherportal actually does work, and finds himself marooned with his pilot in other dimensions.

The Murder of Jonathan Delaney In which a detective is murdered and leaves a letter with the hopes it will be found.

Sentient In which a teenage boy discovers he might not be as human as he thought.

A Satire of American Politics In which I express my opinions about politicians.

Collected works of other writers. As people die, and their works become more common, they're works enter what is called the Public Domain, meaning that reasonable use of the work is freely allowed. I have collected some of my favorite Public Domain works here:

The Tell Tale Heart The Edgar Allen Poe classic, where a murderer is discovered in a very -unique- way.

The Gatehouse Gazette: An ezine of collected work of the Steampunk genre, featuring articles from Ottens, Delphinius Tucker, and other very talented writers.