Here you may find interesting links that will take you to macabre, steampunk, and other interesting sites on the Aethernets.

Brass Goggles
Blog about steampunk. Bringing you up to date with news and other interesting finds from across the Aethernets

Dagon Bytes
Bringing you stories, movies, music, and other information about the macabre.

Gothic Steam Phantastic
Steampunk, Gothic, horror, the fantastic, the grotesque and the bizarre of the nineteenth century.

Gearing Up
Blog about “steampunk and dieselpunk; literature and fashion.”

The home of my wonderful supporter Mr. N. Ottens. He is linked to from many places on this site. You should take a minute to visit him.

The Art of Alex CF
The online portfolio of “retrofuture cryptozoological assemblage artist and illustrator,&rdquo Mr Alex CF.;

History of Robots in the Victorian Era
The History of Robots in the Victorian Era. Includes some marvelous images. (Not updated since 2005.)
Mr Szondy’s website. Of particular interest is the Tales of Future Past section, dedicated to retro-futurism; “a world where gigantic machines promise mankind a future of unlimited romance, adventure, and really big robots.”

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