Welcome to my Office! It is here I will showcase all my works, my projects, and other things that don't classify as artistic works. Although some of them may very well involve quite a bit of art and craftsmanship, I find that these works have more of a practical use.

These works are also things I use with costumes and things. As well as images of my Retro-Forgery documents after being assembled and finished. (Such as my own copies).

I have completed the following:

The Victoriana Passport: A passport for the fictional Steampunk nation of Victoriana.

The Atmospherically Charged Air infused Celluloid Projectile Launcher: A Nerf Gun mod I made for my Steampunk anime character outfit.

The Royal Airship Corps ID Card: A Soldier's ID card and paybook for Her Majesty's Royal Airship Corps.

These projects are works in progress. As projects become complete they will move up to the previous section. Some of these works have pages of their own, others are only there by name as I do not intend to release further information untill further into the project.

I am currently working on the following projects:

The Aetheric Transcomputational Device: A computer mounted in a Victrola Cabinet, complete with Steampunk peripherals. as of July 12, 2008 I have completed the main work and have begun work on the keyboard.

The Steampunk Airship Professor Outfit: An outfit for me to wear to conventions and on halloween and things. As of July 24, 2008 I have begun work on the Aetheric Ray Rifle.

The Conservatory: This very website. Which will always have room for edits and improvement, so will never be truly complete as it will always grow.

The Victoriana Wars: A steampunk MMO, currently in the process of attaining an engine to use for the game.

Any comments, suggestions, problems with, or praise for my designs and works are welcome. Please visit the Contact page.