Here, in my Theater, you will find all sorts of information about macabre and steampunk films, music, and radio shows through the ages. In addition to that you will find other styles of music such as classical


The House On Haunted Hill: Vincent Price. What more can I say? One of the most influential horror films of all times staring one of the most influential masters of horror of all time. Ranks up there with the House of Wax.

Nosferatu: This movie can actually be downloaded for free from this link. The movie is freely available in the Public Domain. It is the original vampire movie. Also probably one of the most accurate reproductions of Bram Stoker's Dracula ever.

Metropolis: Another highly influential film. Almost every science fiction movie ever made bears a mark that can be traced back to Metropolis. This film can be found on DVD from many online retailers.

Dark Shadows: Barnabas Collins, the well known vampire, and his tv show. A macabre masterpiece.


The Price of Fear: Vincent Price's horror radio show. Some of the most terrifying and bone chilling stories I have ever heard. This link offers many of the episodes.


Abney Park: An amazing steampunk band. Their songs not only have some amazing sounds, but some of them border on the darker tastes of life.

DUD: My personal side project for rave style techno and electronica. The track featured here is simply a taster. More will be coming to follow. Groggy is the first track off of my latest album.

Chopin: Chopin was a 19th century composer. Most famous for his nocturnes. These tracks offer a rather interesting mood, almost certainly to make you feel like you have entered a vampire movie. This website offers explanations about some of the nocturnes.

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