24 June 2008 | VACATION NOTICE| Comment

Well, It's that time for me. I'm going on vacation to good ol' Deutschland for two weeks. I leave tomorrow. This means, alas, this will be my last post until I get back. I hope you all can make do, at least until Ottens gets back from his trip.

In the mean time, please check out the links on The Gatehouse for interesting things to check out.

23 June 2008 | ATON MOVIE TRAILER | Comment

I stumbled across this little gem whilst bored on the Aethernets. The movie itself doesn't look steampunk, but the citiens of the underground village definitely appear to, at the very least, have steampunk elements.

No information as to when the movie is going to be released or if it's going to be released, but still an interesting preview. Check it out at www.atonmovie.com

22 June 2008 | JACQUES RESCH | Comment

Found this gentleman, Jacques Resch, while crossing the Aethernets. Has some interesting artwork, some of it simply macabre, some if it far more steampunked. Much like the image featured here called "Le Baron Noir".

His gallery can be found at www.jacquesresch.com this piece of artwork is Jacques Resch.

21 June 2008 | VICTORIANA PASSPORT | Comment

Not too long ago I created this little passport for the citizens of the Brass Goggles Forum "country" Victoriana. More photos will be posted in the forum thread. Along with links on where to download the PDFs to make your own.

Instructions for making the passports are in the pdf files. I'm currently working on a couple similar projects. I am also available to make custom IDs. Contacting me can be done through the forum.

20 June 2008 | AN INTRODUCTION | Comment

First meetings, usually warrant introductions.I am Professor Delphinius “J.C.” Tucker. With a passion for spreading knowledge and working to better humanity, I begin, now, to share with the Aetherweb my assorted bits of knowledge and artwork.

I, am currently working on many projects, as well as being on vacation. So I apologise, in advance, if my post time is erratic. I hope that you enjoy what I have to say, or at least gain some moderate entertainment.