30 July 2008 | STEAMPUNK GIFT GUIDE | Comment

This list, albeit rather old, is still quite valid I should think. Assembled by Jake Von Slatt for the Make blog, this is a list of the gifts that any Steampunk individual would love greatly. I, personally can vouch for it.

On it are such items as A kersone lamp/cooker, the Gakken Cup Phonograph kit, and many more goodies. Anyone interested in purchasing a gift for their Steampunk loved one this year should give this list a look over.

24 July 2008 | STEAMPUNK PAWN | Comment

This beautiful work made by one B-nine, a deviantartist, is a concept for a steampunk chesspiece. His designs, he notes, are not to be used for an actual chess set, but simply to be a concept design.

His other works, although not strictly steampunk, are beautiful nonetheless, and are deserving of attention. His entire gallery, and profile page, can be found on Deviant art here. I must insist you pay this good man a visit!

21 July 2008 | MUSIKKABINETTE MUSEUM | Comment

The Ruedesheim Musikkabinette Museum is a tribute to all of the interesting self playing orchestras, instruments, and other music making devices. I found that, at the museum, were very few actual articles, and in only one place could I take pictures without getting yelled at.

However, if you click on the thumbnail featured here you will be taken to my Flickr set of the images I was allowed to get. Otherwise, the museum was largely amazing and I found that the intricacies were incredible.

14 July 2008 | CONSERVATORY OPENED | Comment

The Conservatory has been my secret project in conjunction with Ottens for almost the last month now. I have worked tirelessly to meet this deadline.

The Conservatory is a place where the darker sides of the Steampunk world, and the macabre side of the real world come together. In addition to the gothic imagery of the site, the site contains links to such public domain movies as Nosferatu, and much much more. So please head over to The Conservatory, and see it for yourself

10 July 2008 | STEAM CAR SPEED RECORD | Comment

A news article released yesterday claims that a team of British car racers plan to race a steam car. But this is not the most interesting part of the article.

The team also hopes to break the land speed record for a steam vehicle (128 MPH) by going 150 MPH, not only that, they hope to set the bar at 200 MPH! The full article can be read here

09 July 2008 | VACATION RETURN | Comment

I have returned to my Sister & Brother-in-law's home in England for one final week before I reach my final destination: Home in the USA. I hope you all made do well with all of Ottens' marvelous posts.

This means I will more than likely be starting to post daily again, however there are other *Top Secret* projects in the works that may require more attention. I will, at least, be posting every other day. All will be revealed in time.