A Satire of American Politics:
By: Delphinius "J.C." Tucker

It was then that I realized it. This is most definitely no longer my favorite place. Years ago as a child I remember walking down these golden streets and enjoying the sights and people. But now, that joy is gone. It is because of that that I am here. I came to see what happened to this town, but what I found threw me into a spiral leading into the pits of hell and leading me from all the good in the world. The streets were barren, the brick buildings crumbled. Homeless walked the streets and whores sold themselves on every corner. The devil could be seen in every being here, and temptation drew me to every vice known to man, and only God could save me.

The politicians ruined the town. They continue on in their lives completely and utterly attempting to always gain control of the world. They tempt the loyalists, and they draw the pure of heart away from the light into the dark, dank corners of this once wonderful town. They grew to enjoy their power and they controlled every one of the citizens. I thank God that I was away for so long, that I was blinded by light and seeing the truths. But now I return, and I see what I never saw before.

They dared to call me Godless, the corrupt political whores who sold themselves and their freedoms. They say it was to help us continue on, when in reality they do it to satisfy their greed, lust, and envy for power. The feast on the foods of thought, the gluttons, and they take their wrath out on those in the world who can see the truth. They laze around moving as the sloth, and they stand by their podiums and preach to the world, with their undying pride. It is a sad time. The people cannot even freely think without fear of punishment. The mayor put forth the Loyalist Law, declaring that anyone he finds to be endangering security can be arrested and held indefinitely until he sees fit, but what it really caused, was what we see today, a world full of domestic crime, by those in the party, and fear by those else. It is a sad time. The other parties show no better. They move about making the same promises as before, but we all know the truth, that if they gain power, the people will end up being oppressed just as much as now. There exists no more honesty, in this once majestic town.

It is now, and for those reasons, that I fight, with my mind. I fight with my pen for the rights that we once had, we must now take our stand. We must get our rights back. For as John Locke once said, they will protect our rights, or we will overthrow them. It is now that time. We must rise. It is time to fulfill our end of this Social Contract.